Beth Longman Content & Copywriting Portfolio

Content & Copy I’ve written has:

Ranked 1st On Google

Converted At Over 30%

Increased Brand Engagement by 200%+

(There are so many more but frankly, I don’t have time to add a new page every time I finish a project and my web developer charges me quite a lot. Get in touch if you’d like to see more samples — I’ve written about everything from sinks to sex toys.)

Conversion-Focused Web Copy

Research shows that visitors usually only read 20% of your web copy…

(And, hey, you’ve made it here so mine must be pretty good, right?)

If that 20% captivates your target audience, they’ll enter your sales funnel. And, if it’s generic, unstructured or boring, they’re gone. 

I use SEO, data and, most importantly, storytelling to create web copy that connects readers to your brand. My conversion rates are high because I use ideas that really mean something to your audience. 

engaging social media copy

How many times have you used your 5-minute toilet scroll to read yet another dull social media update from your accountants? Approximately once, right?

Social media is one of the biggest opportunities you have to increase brand engagement and convert leads. But if your copy sounds boring, confused or generic, it’s just getting lost.

I use competitor positioning, audience research and a good old fashioned splash of humour so your content stands out. Then I analyse data across channels to continue to optimise results. 

Search Engine Optimised Content

Good content makes a brand look great, but the benefits of search engine optimised content go even further. According to research from DemandMetric, content marketing generates on average 3x more leads than “traditional” advertising.

To stand out from the competition, you need comprehensive (and INTERESTING) content that establishes your brand as an expert in the space.

And, for this, you need a writer who uses SEO techniques and a journalistic approach. For every piece I write, I interview industry thought leaders and use incisive SEO strategy. 

(I learned SEO from the best agency in Barcelona… or possibly the only agency. I wouldn’t know. I’m not Spanish.)  

ROI Driven Ad Copy

Beth Longman Writing: Rose’s safe wooden door in a devastating sea of icy ChatGPT copy. 

Hits you right in the feels, huh? 


Getting your audience to feel something is essential in getting them to act. And doing this in advertising requires a detailed understanding of your target audience — their likes and their fears, the way they talk and like to be talked to.

My ad process includes everything from audience persona research to copy testing. Having worked with leading agencies and brands, I know the strategies that work to generate leads and sales.